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Our Story

As Midwest residents, our story has been one of can-do-attitudes, farming, industry builders, and hospitality. And as every story goes, there are moments of strife and uncertainty. Right now, Northeast Indiana is writing our next chapters on innovation and growth.

At Narrative, we take this story seriously. We work with many Indiana-based manufacturers and lines, we support local non-for-profits and we volunteer several hours within our community.

We love Northeast Indiana and we have embraced the exciting improvements that are happening in our communities. We believe our story is one that helps design and create spaces that people love and in-turn, incorporate their story in to a larger Narrative.

"A room should start a

conversation before people actually

start exchanging words."

-Albert Einstein

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What We Do

We are professional Interior Designers who work on both new and existing spaces. Creating space plans to optimize the use of an area is where we excel. It is important to us to help our customers select finishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the application.


We provide commercial furniture and see it through the installation process while partnering with our qualified field installers. Through the duration of a project, we listen to our clients to ensure that their budgets are met and their stories are told.

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